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Why did Malcolm Butler not get put into the game?

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I think that time has come and gone, him rustling jimmy's. I can finally say with a high degree of certainty I am over his stupid shit. Time to neg his dumb ass and move on. I have no further interest in engaging him. I am in the camp most are in, to ignore him until he leaves. I haven't seen somebody respond to him in a while.

Lots of childish ranting but absolutely nothing to prove your side that it's not staged.

It's not staged because you don't believe it is? Because you don't believe or know how they can? That's not a valid argument or counterpoint. But I'm the dumb one?

Why are afraid of a different view? I'm not rustling any jimmies.im an adult with adult viewpoints you simply don't seem to be able to handle. That's not my fault. You choose to believe something not there.

Youre simply afraid of reality.

The time has come for you to grow up.the door has been wide open for you to prove me wrong.but you haven't been able to do it once...but I'm the dumb troll?

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Malcolm Butler can be accurately referred to as a Super Bowl hero. But in that same breath, he must also be called a Super Bowl scapegoat of sorts.

Sure, Butler's benching in Super Bowl LII wasn't his decision, so it's unfair to blame him for New England's loss. But his absence still hindered the Patriots defensively in a shootout that didn't end in their favor.

Now a Tennessee Titan, Butler knows this. Yet, he's not holding any grudges for being held out of one of the biggest games of his career, even if he still doesn't know why he ended up being a healthy scratch.

"I never got a reason," Butler told the Boston Herald. "I feel like this was the reason: I got kind of sick. I went to the hospital. They probably thought I was kind of late on the game plan; I wasn't as locked in as I should be and could have been a matchup deal. It could have been anything. But Bill Belichick has been doing this for a very long time.

"He took a veteran out of Super Bowl XLIX (against the Seahawks) and put in a first-year rookie, and that turned out right, so you could never question his decision. It didn't work out right (against the Eagles). It didn't work out the best for me or him or the New England Patriots. But I can say he won more than he lost, so it is what it is. I always have love for New England, Bill Belichick, Mr. Kraft, all those guys. Life just goes on."

Butler's life continues in Nashville, where he'll join a team led by a new head coach with his own New England ties. He brings what is still a young, budding career to his new team and is not letting the disappointing night in Minneapolis fester inside his heart.

"I'll always have love for New England," Butler said. "From the custodians to Belichick, all the way to Mr. Kraft, I love those guys, my teammates. I like everything about New England, especially the fans. Those fans, they really had love for me and they still do. I will always remember where I came from, and I never could forget."

Butler also has 61 million reasons to move on, signing a whopper of a contract with an up-and-coming Tennessee team that has assembled a group of former Patriots who figure to make an impact in 2018 and beyond. It isn't easy to get over being forced out of the Super Bowl. But the money and fresh opportunity make it a little less difficult.

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I would like to bring attention to this once again now that we're almost a quarter of the way through the following season.  This was as controversial and nonsensical of a start / not start decision in the history of the Super Bowl and the NFL as a whole. He was the best player on that particular unit that got absolutely torched and continues to get torched in his absence, and the evidence supporting the decision still makes zero sense. 

The Patriots now sit at 1-2 and are as out of sync as we have seen them in the last two decades, coming off a brutal loss to the lowly Detroit Lions who will be lucky to win 6 games (sorry DMac). Malcolm Butler now of course plays for the Titans. I havn't gotten a chance to see any Titans action, but I'm curious to learn if Malcolm's play has dropped off or if he has been in the news for any character or personal issues. 

Belichick is one fascinating individual and I can't help but wonder if his decision to essentially just dispose of his best defensive player was justified, or if this was just a case of a head coach having his age, pride, and mental state get the best of him. 

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