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  1. RazorStar

    TGP March Madness

    Practically all chalk bracket is in.
  2. With the 78th pick, the Denver Broncos select: Justin Layne, CB, Michigan State
  3. RazorStar

    The Superhero Thread

    I am the law.
  4. Well that makes this easy. With the 71st pick in the 2019 NFL draft the Denver Broncos select Clayton Thorson, QB, Northwestern
  5. RazorStar

    Historical QB Rankings

    66. Bert Jones (Baltimore Colts 1973-1981, Los Angeles Rams 1982) 2nd Place Colts QB Career Record 46-50-0 (47.92%) 75th out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 31-10-0 (75.61%) 58th out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 15-40-0 (27.27%) 54th out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense (42.71%) 84th out of 102 (+18) Wins above Average in a 16 Game Season (0.218) It's time for another blast from the past, and we're looking at the guy who had to succeed Johnny Unitas today. Bert was a first round pick for the Colts in 1973, just three years removed from their super bowl victory over the Dallas Cowboys. No longer the top dogs in their division, they had to compete with the fierce Dolphins and their stifling defense and the Buffalo Bills' powerful rushing attack headed by OJ Simpson. He took his lumps in his first two seasons, going 2-11 in 13 starts before really taking the reins of the AFC East in 1975, leading the Colts to three straight 10 win seasons, putting up incredible passing numbers for the Dead Ball Era and even winning the MVP award in 1976. Each postseason appearance was met by a one and done, as the Steelers took him out of the game in his first appearance, then picked him off twice and put up 40 points in their second appearance. In his third, he was stuck in a tight overtime matchup with the Oakland Raiders, but came up short as the Raiders closed the game out in the classic Ghost to the Post game. Things were set to be looking up for the Colts... but Jones got his shoulder shredded in 1978, and never was the same guy, missing most of the 78 and 79 season due to injuries. He wasn't the same guy in the 80's, his injuries had slowed him down, he threw a lot more interceptions, and he got sacked a lot more. He went 8-22 in his last 30 games with the Colts, and ended his career as a Ram, playing 4 games before finally hanging up the cleats due to a neck injury. Bert Jones is a famous what if story in the league, and Bill Belichick gives him a lot of credit as one of the best pure passers he's ever seen. Jones had a very short prime in the league, but he was dynamic despite all of the adversity he dealt with in his career. His defenses rank in the bottom 20 for all of the guys in this study, and he still managed to nearly pull off a .500 record. He was only one of three QB's in the 70's to throw for a 100+ passer rating, and the other two guys will be making appearances on this list later, don't worry. He may not have taken the Colts to a championship like his predecessor, but considering the Colts various attempts to find that glory, he was a very good successor to Unitas' legacy.
  6. RazorStar

    Historical QB Rankings

    Ok let's do an actual writeup for Jay Cutler because there are a few things I'd like to note about him. First of all, those numbers are just straight up nice. .500 winning record, exactly 75 games with a good defense and 75 games with a bad defense. The reason why being straight down the middle like this is simply because the divide for average points can't be set on a non-whole number, so the average QB actually only wins 49% of their games when their defenses are perfectly even, at least in the Golden Age of Passing. but yeah, all in all, Cutler ends up being basically what the baseline is for the average QB in my study and it's pretty sweet. Cutler started out his career being the guy expected to take Mike Shanahan's team over the top, since Jake Plummer failed in the role in 2005. Problem was, the Broncos may have been too quick to act, dumping Plummer the second they lost two games in a row. Cutler became the starter in the last 5 games of 2006, and carried the role for a few seasons, but could never get the Broncos over .500 so they fired Shanahan. Josh McDaniels wanted nothing to do with the 4th year QB so he jettisoned him to Chicago, and his star receiver to Miami. Cutler took the Bears to the postseason in his second season in Chicago, and took them to the AFC championship game, but suffered an unfortunate injury and the Bears could not overcome his loss and fell to the eventual SB champion Packers. Cutler never got another chance at the postseason with the Bears, suffering an injury in 2011 and having the backups lose 5 of the last 6 games of the season, and in 2012 they missed the postseason on tiebreakers. By that point the rest of the Bears defense crumbled around them and they were stuck in rebuild mode until Cutler decided to retire in 2016. The retirement didn't last long, as Cutler got a call to play for the Dolphins by his former offensive coordinator Adam Gase. He played there for a season, did his usual don't care fare before retiring into the sunset. Or whatever that reality show he's on is called.
  7. The New York Jets select: Mike Weber, RB, The Ohio State University
  8. RazorStar

    2019 TGP Mock Draft (Discussion Thread/Sign-ups)

    Bradbury is a really good pick, I think he'll be a top centre in this league with a few reps.
  9. RazorStar

    Historical QB Rankings

    67. Jay Cutler (Denver Broncos 2006-2008, Chicago Bears 2009-2016, Miami Dolphins 2017) 4th Place Broncos QB and 2nd Place Bears QB Career Record 75-75-0 (50.00%) 65th out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 57-18-0 (76.00%) 56th out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 18-57-0 (24.00%) 74th (T) out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense (50.00%) 64th (T) out of 102 (-3) Wins above Average in a 16 Game Season (0.165) I don't care to do a writeup.
  10. With the 41st pick the Denver Broncos select: Zach Allen, DE, Boston College The Broncos need to rebuild their identity and it starts in the trenches.
  11. RazorStar

    2019 TGP Mock Draft (Discussion Thread/Sign-ups)

    I feel like the trade worked well for both of us. I valued Taylor pretty highly but figured I could wait a little bit longer before pulling the trigger. And getting Nick Bosa for the Jets feels like a huge steal.
  12. RazorStar

    Historical QB Rankings

    68. Ken Anderson (Cincinnati Bengals 1971-1986) 4th Place Bengals Quarterback Career Record 91-81-0 (52.91%) 49th out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 72-21-0 (77.42%) 48th out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 19-60-0 (24.05%) 73rd out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 93/172 (54.07%) 39th out of 102 (-29) Wins Above Average in a 16 Game Season (0.147) All hail the 70's Porn Stache man. Ken Anderson had a long and illustrious career with the Bengals, and is often on the cusp of several hall of fame discussions because of the numbers he put up in the early 80's, and his role in turning the West Coast Offense to a offensive mainstay in the league for a long time. Because you see, Bill Walsh's offense didn't originate with Joe Montana and Dwight Clark, no the roots of his offensive gameplan were planted in Ohio. As a student of the game, he developed the WCO to work around a QB who didn't have a big arm in Virgil Carter, but Ken Anderson was the guy who really took his philosophies to the fore. Anderson led the league in completion percentage in 4 of his seasons, including 1982 where he held the league record for nearly 30 years with a 70.6% completion (since broken 4 times by Drew Brees, and once by Sam Bradford of all people). You would think a player with a resume like that would be a lot higher, however for all the ups in Anderson's career, there were a fair share of downs to even it out. While Anderson found success early in his career as a beneficiary of Walsh's offensive scheme, with Paul Brown retiring and Walsh leaving, (instead of just inheriting the job from Brown because of a petty feud) Anderson struggled under different offensive coordinators, and was finding the ball in the hands of opposing players more often than not. It wasn't until 1981 where Anderson got the rails back on track and returned to the promise he showed so early in his career. A fun fact is that he was almost benched for the season, because he got pulled in week 1 after throwing a couple picks, and his replacement Turk Schonert stormed back and won the game. Forrest Gregg decided to stick with Anderson, and he never looked back, leading the Bengals to a 12-4 record, an AFC Central title, and a super bowl appearance... against his former offensive coordinator Bill Walsh. The Bengals offense stalled early, and couldn't overcome a 20 point halftime deficit against the new dynasty 49ers. Anderson had his record setting completion percentage year in 1982, but the Bengals were bounced early after being drubbed by the Jets, and Anderson struggled for the next two years before being replaced by Boomer Esiason in 1985. Anderson is a fascination QB from a historical point of view, combining the cerebral vision and scrambling ability evident in so many of the great WCO QB's to ever play the game. He really serves as the blueprint for what you would look for in a Quarterback back in the days when the WCO was the new hotness. Some of those traits are still evident in today's spread game, but a quarterback who can operate with the entire width of the field is always an asset for teams. As for his placement on this list, Anderson's high certainly net him a lot of points, but he had some drastic lows as well. A career of peaks and valleys will put you near the middle of the pack, and that's unfortunately where Anderson ends up. He had a lot of games with strong scoring defenses as well which can be a hindrance on these rankings if you aren't winning consistently because of them. His win rates with good and bad defenses skewed pretty much towards the average starter, or just a little bit better than, so he doesn't end up in the same stratosphere as a lot of guys in the hall of fame who crowd the top of the list. All in all, a talented player, a fascinating discussion point, and a very slightly above average winner.
  13. RazorStar

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    I thought the LeLakers would sneak in as the 8th seed, but you know this is the first time in LeBron's career he's actually had more than one or two teams as competition in his conference.
  14. RazorStar

    2019 TGP Mock Draft (Discussion Thread/Sign-ups)

    Yeah, I'm a big fan of the Dillard pick, that's for sure. If Jawaan wasn't waiting for me at 13 (I had a feeling he would be though), I probably would have taken Dillard myself.
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