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#2628869 Trump Regime thread.

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 15 July 2018 - 09:18 AM

Lol LGBTQRSTUVXYZ gangs. They bully Scarlett Johansen out of a role and feel good about their little gangs. What a bunch of cunts.


Come on, man, show some sensitivity and get it right! It's LGBWTF gangs!

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#2628865 lolMaine

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 15 July 2018 - 12:58 AM

Well first of all you talk to your child lovingly. You don't treat them differently. Secondly you present them with the statistics and explain that it's not all that uncommon and likely a phase. You then ask them if they'd like to talk to a medical professional about it. You go from there while continuing to love, nurture, and support your child.
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#2628848 lolMaine

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 14 July 2018 - 08:44 AM

Once theyre 18 and out of your house, its really not your call though. If were talking younger, its not damaging at all to support them. You let them live how they want to. Telling unruly teenagers that you dont approve of what theyre doing is only going to push them further from you and more towards whatever the other thing is (gender related or otherwise).

Acting like its a big deal, making them feel ashamed, making them feel more different than they already do is gointo be the most damaging.


I think you misread my wording. I said "at 18 it's their call."

And I think kids can handle parents not treating them perfectly. They've been doing it throughout human history. Puberty blockers early is damaging if their mind comes out of the phase.

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#2628835 lolMaine

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 13 July 2018 - 06:39 PM


This is a dumb argument. So if it hurts 90% of the people that go through it and helps 10% of the people that go through it, we should keep it around? I'm sure electro shock therapy has a few people that says it helped them, should we bring that back too?


We should tweak it, experiment with it, and find out how and why it's helpful to that 10%. The reasons it's harmful should be obvious, but why does it help some people?

So by the logic you're applying, either 90% get hurt or 10% don't get the help they need at all. Who says it has to be one or the other? Let's figure out what actually helps and what doesn't. Drugs and therapy aren't concrete things that can't change. 

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#2628731 lolMaine

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 10 July 2018 - 09:52 PM

It's hurt some people, helped others. If it helped no one, ban it.

But that's not the case. Trying to ban it is purely political. 100% virtue signaling

Now ask yourself: What reasons can you think of for a gay kid wanting to get therapy to not be gay?
Spoiler: The reasons you will come up with will be about how society treats gay people, the actual problem.

Seems like most of society treats gay people very, very well. As they should.
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#2628723 lolMaine

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 10 July 2018 - 03:43 PM



Seriously, who thought it should be illegal to offer therapy for unwanted same sex attraction? Jesus H fucking tap-dancing Christ. If an individual doesn't want to feel in such a way, they should be able to seek the necessary help needed to try and address it. And if parents want their child to go through said therapy, they should have the right to enroll the child in such therapy unless the child objects. It's really that simple. And yes, medical professionals should be able to advertise any and all services they provide.

Maine is seriously fucked up. Just wait til you hear what "progressives" didn't support earlier on in the article. 




This whole world is headed for the nearest, highest cliff at this point. 

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#2628336 Trump Regime thread.

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 24 June 2018 - 07:59 PM

Here's the truth. Had a liberal tv star compared Ben Carson to an ape they'd have been cheered and conservative America would have been told, "take it easy, guys! It's a joke." And the show would still be on the air.

So her show should still be on the air. The tweet was disgusting and i didn't watch the show so I really don't care, but double standards are double standards.

At least she actually did something wrong. Last Man Standing being canceled...now that was ridiculous.
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#2628315 Jameis Winston Facing 3-Game Suspension

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 24 June 2018 - 09:15 AM

Does anybody else wonder now how he was ever viewed so highly as a prospect? Looking back...high INTs, egregious Dad-bod (seriously Jameis, you're not at your best if you're not in the best shape possible), extremely ugly character issues....


How did we all get this guy so wrong? 

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#2628218 "Fuckin' soldier" charged with burglary and rape of multiple old...

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 19 June 2018 - 12:10 PM

All Kellen's are assholes. Lock him up and throw away the key. 

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#2628061 2017-18 NBA Season Thread

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 13 June 2018 - 04:05 PM

Lol your hatred of him clearly gets in the way of an honest evaluation of him.
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#2627976 Civil Discourse: Transformation or Better Self Control?

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 10 June 2018 - 01:19 PM

Context: Recently California metal band As I Lay Dying released a new song and music video, their first new music in 6 years. They've returned with the same lineup they had six years ago. "My Own Grave" is a continuation of their evolution and every bit as good as anything they've ever released before. Now, I'm sure most of you remember back in 2014 when frontman Tim Lambesis was busted for trying to hire a hitman to kill his ex-wife, who had estranged herself and their children from him. A little more context--Lambesis had become a heavy steroid user and, according to the band and his loved ones, had slowly deteriorated into the state that led him to the point of committing such a depraved crime. Many condemned him, of course, which was appropriate, and he was sentenced to serve prison time. He was released not too long ago, probably within the last two years, and the fate of the band was up in the air. Here we are now, with new music available, and many people wondering how his former bandmates, some of whom had spoken out very very strongly about how they felt about his deterioration and actions, could possibly work with him again.


He is supposedly reformed and repentant. "My Own Grave" is also indicative of that lyrically, and in my opinion is an extremely good song. It doesn't sound self-serving, preachy, or as if he's begging for forgiveness. It's an acknowledgement of what he had/has become. Honestly, given the nature of his crime, the lyrics are quite beautiful and moving. 


So this led me to a question about the human condition--once a human being commits an egregious act, we apply a title to them, murderer, rapist, etc. So, with that in mind, can an individual who has shown the capacity to commit such a crime ever undergo a complete transformation to where they are no longer capable of such actions, or do they simply have better self control?


Further down the rabbit hole, is every single human being capable of committing horrendous crimes if they make a succession of bad decisions and slowly lose their self control and completely lose track of their moral compass?




Also, there will be another thread derived from this situation in the future. It's a completely different question but one I think posters will like and will be worth discussing. 

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#2627936 Aaron Rodgers Seeking Player Option In New Deal

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 05 June 2018 - 10:56 PM

Go ahead, Aaron, go ahead and cripple Green Bay's cap even worse. We're more than good enough to beat you more times than not. 

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#2627830 2017-18 NBA Season Thread

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 01 June 2018 - 07:39 AM

I mean they weren't even necessarily close calls, they were wrong calls. Kevin Durant shot at least 6 FTs in the 4th quarter on plays with no contact where the officials simply reacted to what happens without first seeing contact. It's one thing if LeBron is getting those calls too but he wasn't...and he was delivering the best single game Finals performance we've seen in 25 years, whereas Durant was hardly noticeable aside from those atrocious calls that gifted the Warriors 6-10 points.
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#2627827 2017-18 NBA Season Thread

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 31 May 2018 - 10:44 PM

The league has some explaining to do. The officiating over the last 15 minutes has been absolutely unacceptable.

This cannot happen. It can't happen. You can't effectively decide a game and probably change this entire series. Cleveland earned this game over and over again and the refs kept taking it away. This is inexcusable and an absolutely cheating of the Cleveland Cavaliers and NBA fans in general. Fucking atrocious.
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#2627814 Civil Discourse: What is the Best Solution to School Shootings?

Posted by BwareDWare94 on 31 May 2018 - 02:42 PM

How do you all feel about the proposition of not naming or showing pictures of school shooters? So long as they are either dead or in custody, I think their names and faces should never been seen on a TV screen. Fuck em. Let them die or rot in prison anonymous.
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